— John Kapeghian

I just wanted to send you a note about the superior level of care and support we received for my mother, Mary, during the several months she was in The Lodge, and especially during her last week with us. Mom passed away on Friday, October 14th after a rapid decline in her ability to sustain herself and to continue to thrive. She was a “physically active and healthy 88 years old”, but the dementia took its toll quickly last week.

We brought my mother to the Cascades memory unit in April, after she had spent nearly 2 years at the independent living. From the outset, the business development, nursing, and Lodge caregivers were a great source of information and support in making the transition for her and for our family. Mom was fully mobile and active when she arrived at Cascades, so it was a very tough decision to place her in a memory unit; however, we quickly realized it was the right decision, and in short order she came to think of The Lodge as her home, and the caregivers and other residents as her friends and family.  She felt comfortable and safe in that environment…

Our family had always been impressed with The Lodge staff, but it was when my mother needed care and oversight 24 hours a day, that we really saw the dedication and caring from the women who took care of my mother. They not only went above and beyond what we would consider as normal duties to care for Mom, but they were in constant contact with the family and took care of us when we were at The Lodge with my mother in her final days and hours. I would extend this to all the caregivers that worked with my mother, including the Cascades on-site nursing staff that worked seamlessly with The Lodge caregivers and with the Hospice nursing staff. We got to know many of the staff on a first-name basis and as emotionally draining as seeing a loved one go through the final stages of life, we always knew that Mom had the very best care and even more important, people that loved her always checking in and giving her encouragement and words of comfort. I believe they were instrumental in telling Mom to wait until my sister Karen from Philadelphia could arrive to see her, and in the final 24 hours when they called us and told Mom we were on our way.

On behalf of my sisters, Karen (from Philadelphia, PA) and Jamie (from Reno), we want to thank you and the entire team at the Cascades, and our friends at The Lodge for making my mother’s final days one of comfort and support. We will never forget those individuals that helped her at the end, and are forever indebted to them for what they collectively did for Mom.

Our loss is great, but is softened by knowing how she was cared for during all of her time with the wonderful caregivers at The Lodge. When Mom passed yesterday, although we were saddened and beginning our mourning process, all the caregivers came over to talk to us, and many of them were crying and mourning as well. Words cannot express what this meant to us.

Please pass along our extreme gratitude to your fine staff, and feel free to contact me if you need any more information about our experience or to answer any questions.

Sincerely and with best wishes,

– John Kapeghian (Mary’s son)

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