Beautiful Valentine’s Day Celebration

Dear Sir,

I cannot thank you and your Staff enough for the beautiful Valentine days celebration. While I have the good fortune to have my entire loving and caring family close and attentive, many of my neighbors do not. Everyone was extremely please and honored with the very special menu. The service at dinner, served in courses by our wonderful, energetic, smiling and happy, servers. We elders do so enjoy and appreciate all of you younger people.

If you possibly know who the “cupid of the Sierra” is, please convey our many Kudos. We elders are astounded by her artistic, abilities, preparing Halloween, Valentines and other personalized, time consuming treats just for us.

We need to thank our knowledgeable, patient, excellent and safe bus drivers. I have had more than my share of shuttle service and can attest to their help and graciousness.

My letter is not long enough to thank all of you, but our receptionists are the living examples of the goodness of Cascade Residence. They are the personification of “living well”.

Thank you to our Maintenance, cleaning and internal workings staff.

Resident – Carroll

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