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The Lodge Memory Care

At Cascades of the Sierra, we understand the challenges and stress that memory diseases can cause for both the individual who is coping with the disease and their family… and we understand how the disease can affect every individual differently.

The Lodge at Cascades of the Sierra is a secured environment where individuals who face Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias can receive the quality care they need and the specialized programming they deserve. Our comprehensive memory care program, Mosaic, allows us to provide our residents with an enhanced lifestyle that helps them maintain their independence and feel safe in a comfortable and supportive environment.

The community was designed with the special needs of our residents in mind. The home-like décor of The Lodge is comfortable for both residents and family members, while allowing staff to effectively provide the best possible care and the services our residents need.

Please check back often for more information about the lifestyle options that are available at Cascades of the Sierra!

Mosaic Memory Care Talking Points

Definition: Mosaic is the art of creating images with small pieces of colored glass, stone or other materials. We have chosen this name because we recognize that all our lives are made up of small pieces of events and accomplishments that occur throughout a life time. They create the person our residents have become.

The “pieces” of the Cascade Living Mosaic include:

Our neighborhoods (Adams, Baker, Cascades & Denali) are warm, cozy and home-like and provide comfort and while encouraging fond memories of favorite parts of an accomplished life.

The foundation for our program lies with The Best Friend’s Approach to Dementia This concept teaches our staff members to become Best Friends with our residents. We weave this philosophy into hiring and retaining staff members as well as the life enrichment program that we offer.

With our family style dining we use vintage, colorful place settings, candles, flowers and table linens. Cookies or bread baking during meal times occurs to encourage eating. Care associates sit with our residents during meals to remind them of family dinners and to assist with meal service and eating as needed. No one “hovers” over the residents while they eat. Food is served at the table from platters/service dishes, rather than plated elsewhere and served. We serve 3 nutritious meals and many snacks throughout the day.

We provide meaningful life enrichment activities that encourage interaction amongst residents as well as individual and self-directed activities. Monthly resident council meetings allow residents to have a “voice” in discussions about events, food and other topics. Many activities are designed to gently challenge the cognitive abilities without causing stress or fear.

Family support meetings are available for friends and families to meet and share the experience of having a lived one with dementia. These are great opportunities to share tips on communication, dealing with stress and handling challenging behaviors. Additionally, we have speakers available to provide educational programs about dementia, aging, medical conditions, financial planning, stress management and a variety of other pertinent topics.

Our EverFit program includes physical fitness exercises tailored to the interests and abilities of all residents regardless of their physical condition. We use a combination of light resistance exercises, sitting exercises, yoga, range-of-motion-(both active and passive), dance and games, such as assorted Wii sports and games.

EverWell provides 24 hour licensed nurses to manage and coordinate the health care needs of our residents. All medications are delivered by licensed nurses. These nurses are trained to recognize changes in condition and communicate these changes quickly and efficiently to physicians. (NOTE: Cascade Living is unique in providing 24 hour nursing.) The nurses are able to treat minor issues that can be managed with 1st aid. Additionally, our nurses complete on-going assessments and contribute to the development, implementation and revisions of the Customized Service Plan. This document provides Care Associates with detailed instructions for providing care based on resident’s needs and preferences.