4th of July Picnic

The flag back drop is made from cut out “hands” as part of a hands across America project by Shaw Middle School. Shaw is our adopted middle school and they donated the flag to us. [...]


World Class Winner

Cindy Wahl is the daughter of Marie Allen who just moved in this month to our Assisted Living. Cindy is very excited to have won the $3000 travel voucher from the World Class Open House [...]


Merry Christmas from Elvis

Elvis helped play Santa this year for our Salvation Army Angel Tree organized by Marie Cole. Elvis sends is Holiday Wishes to all of CLG and he said he doesn’t mind visiting other COS communities [...]


Magic on the Mic

Thursday evening at the Sparks Farmers Market our own Chef Jacques charmed the crowd with his wit, skill and finesse… plus he made a pretty decent Ratatouille too.