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Beautiful Valentine’s Day Celebration

I cannot thank you and your Staff enough for the beautiful Valentine days celebration. While I have the good fortune to have my entire loving and caring family close and attentive, many of my neighbors do not. Everyone was extremely please and honored with the very special menu. The service at dinner, served in courses by our wonderful, energetic, smiling and happy, servers. We elders do so enjoy and appreciate all of you younger people.

Carroll, Resident
I thank you for your care, planning and efforts regarding the Chanuka celebrations.  They were all special and timely and well “put together”. Each one was lovely and “righteous”.  Thank you. It made me feel more apart of the Cascades.
Camelia, Resident
Thank you for all you do. I especially enjoy your exercise classes, care and concern.
Georgia, Resident

Hi and thanks so much for helping I really appreciate it.

I know I may speak for my family when I say that my mother’s experience at Cascade was wonderful and we appreciate all of the help we received when she had her stroke.  I should especially commend Tammy for reacting so quickly so that the Fire Department and the EMTS came so quickly.  Rene was on duty the night mom passed away and her support and caring for us was truly heart warming.  I mention Tammy and Rene as they were there during the most emotional times but the rest of the staff should also be complemented for the exceptional service and friendliness they afforded us.  You have a wonderful establishment there and you should be proud of it.  We’re so pleased we experienced Cascade.

Dwight Putnam, Son of resident