Beautiful Valentine’s Day Celebration

I cannot thank you and your Staff enough for the beautiful Valentine days celebration. While I have the good fortune to have my entire loving and caring family close and attentive, many of my neighbors do not. Everyone was extremely please and honored with the very special menu. The service at dinner, served in courses by our wonderful, energetic, smiling and happy, servers. We elders do so enjoy and appreciate all of you younger people.

Carroll, Resident
I thank you for your care, planning and efforts regarding the Chanuka celebrations.  They were all special and timely and well “put together”. Each one was lovely and “righteous”.  Thank you. It made me feel more apart of the Cascades.
Camelia, Resident
Thank you for all you do. I especially enjoy your exercise classes, care and concern.
Georgia, Resident

Hi and thanks so much for helping I really appreciate it.

I know I may speak for my family when I say that my mother’s experience at Cascade was wonderful and we appreciate all of the help we received when she had her stroke.  I should especially commend Tammy for reacting so quickly so that the Fire Department and the EMTS came so quickly.  Rene was on duty the night mom passed away and her support and caring for us was truly heart warming.  I mention Tammy and Rene as they were there during the most emotional times but the rest of the staff should also be complemented for the exceptional service and friendliness they afforded us.  You have a wonderful establishment there and you should be proud of it.  We’re so pleased we experienced Cascade.

Dwight Putnam, Son of resident

I have worked for Cascades of the Sierra for almost a year and love every minute! I love working with older adults, and enjoy the daily interaction and challenges that come with being a caregiver. I am so glad to work with a staff of caring people who love the residents as much as I do. The compassion and sincere care I see every day from the employees and management is an amazing testament to the values this company stands for. I feel as if I have a valuable and intrinsic role in this company even as a caregiver. The atmosphere in this community is amazing, it has beautiful architecture and wonderful Nevada wilderness around the property. I love coming to work every day to work in such a beautiful place, caring for people I enjoy being around. There is not a hall in the building that does not ring with greeting and laughter, as residents and employees interacting with friendly conversation. I am glad to work for the Cascades and have a part in maintaining this great company and caring for our residents.

My experience at Cascades has been wonderful. My apartment is beautiful, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, and I absolutely love the staff. I’m very happy to call Cascades of the Sierra home.

Marylyn D., Resident

What a great experience at Cascades of the Sierra! We moved grandma from Orange County to NV this last year. It was a big change for her and she was hesitant to make the move to another community. Grandma lives in Independent Living – we love that Cascades has options for her should she need higher care in the future. We believed that she would thrive at Cascades with the amazing culinary program, great activities and kind staff. We were right! She loves it at Cascades and is always raving about how pleasant everyone is and how great the food is! The apartment is a great fit and has a beautiful view from the balcony. We would highly recommend this community to anyone looking at senior living options. Happy customer.

My husband Robert and I have recently moved his mother, Mary Elizabeth S. 97 years into the Cascades of the Sierra. It took us a few years to accomplish this but this past week, it happened. We had checked out many retirement home in Reno and in Sparks and the Cascades was for us! Right off our impression was it was a very clean and well-kept place. Also everyone was always so friendly and accommodating especially Cindy Barthet, who we visited numerous times and even though we did not commit at that time she was always understanding . Since Liz has moved in, Cindy has continued to make herself available when we know she is always extremely busy. We really appreciate her. We really feel our mom will be comfortable and happy here